Guide for Authors

For manuscript submission the authors need to follow the instructions below:

  1. The manuscript title should be related to scope of the journal.
  2. The manuscript should not be submitted or published in any Persian or English language journal.
  3. The text of the manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Office Word 2007 on A4 paper size.
  4. The text fonts include B-Zar 13 for Persian contents, Times New Roman 11 for English Content, Bold B-Zar 12 for the title of figures and tables,
  5. The manuscript framework should follow the following instructions:
  • The title page including full submission title, author(s) name, authors` affiliation, full address of authors, phone number and email
  • The second page to the end of the submission including abstract (in Persian language, including keywords), introduction (research problem, importance and goal of the research, research history, theoretical framework, research questions and hypotheses), research method (data, analysis methods, variables and sample), findings (direct findings and the comparison of findings to literature), conclusion (abstract of findings, interpretation and suggestions) and bibliography.
  • English language and English keywords
  • A separate page including English name, address and email of the authors.
  • The journal employs APA method for referencing and bibliography-writing and, thus, the author(s) should follow this method in referencing. For intertextuality references, the surname of the writer, the date of publication and the number of the page(s) are necessary, and they should be written in parentheses for example (ZarinKub, 1372:254). In bibliography section or extra-textual references, the following formats should be used:
  1. In text references should be numbered in bracket []
  2. The final references should be sorted alphabetically and the sorted number should be used in the in text brackets.
  3. The format of the references list should be follow the instructions bellow
  • Paper: Last Name, First Name abbreviation. (Publication Year). Paper Title, Journal Title, Vol. (No), PP:x-y.
  • Book: Last Name, First Name Abbreviation. (Publication Year). Book Title, Publication Name.
  • The tables and figures should be presented in suitable place in the text and the numbers in the figures and the tables should be displayed in Persian language.
  • The maximum pages of a submission is 20 pages.